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Clarifying Consent

How Teens Can Communicate Confidently

Thursday, November 17, 6-8 PM

Open to high school teens age 14-18

Pizza and snacks will be served

In-Person workshop

3326 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd., 

Suite A230

Durham, NC 27707

About Dr. Ratkalkar


Dr. Mina Ratkalkar is a consent expert who helps people of all ages communicate with confidence.


She is especially passionate about helping young people figure out their own ways of navigating healthy relationships and boundaries – online and in person. Dr. Ratkalkar is a psychologist and former professor of Psychology of Sexuality at Drexel University in Philadelphia.


She believes learning how to give and receive consent can be fun, even if it is confusing sometimes!


Dr. Ratkalkar uses experiential exercises to give participants tools they can start using right away. She recognizes topics around consent, privacy, and communication are sensitive. She creates safe spaces to voice your concerns and questions.


Teens who attend this workshop will participate in eye-opening conversation and gain practical tips around consent.

Workshop Description: 

We start with a discussion about what “counts” as consent – in friendships, school, or romantic relationships. We will talk about consent myths and identify gaps in what the media says about consent.

We will then discuss why consent matters for healthy relationships. We’ll highlight ways consent can be confusing, including mixed messages with words and body language. Dr. Ratkalkar will present examples where consent is unclear for discussion.


Then, we will move to action steps – how to approach consent with curiosity and comfort.

Dr. Ratkalkar will guide participants through navigating consent in real-time. Working in pairs or small groups, you will use your communication skills and get moving in this fun, no touch exercise.  

Teens will have the chance to submit an anonymous question at the start of the workshop. At the end, Dr. Ratkalkar will answer the anonymous questions you submit and save space for your final questions and thoughts.

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